MedVision is an innovative, fast-growing company, specializing in development and production of high-end medical simulators. The group of companies, established in 2014 through the partnership of K.K. DNAFORM and EIDOS-Medicine LLC, has its own unique solutions, IP, know-how and production.

Structure of MedVision group:

  1. MedVision head office in Japan:
    • Production
    • R&D
    • Quality Control
    • Service Center
    • Global Sales
  2. MedVision office in USA
    • Service Center
    • North & South America Sales Department
  3. MedVision office in Russia
    • Production
    • R&D
    • Service Center
    • CIS Sales Department

We are caught in a constant cycle of designing, perfecting, inventing new solutions and systems for modern high-key medical education and we love it. Being client-oriented is among our main goals, we value and cherish all of our customers and partners, providing quick and professional support. Best simulation experiences and simulation centers - all is possible with MedVision medical simulators and experience. Looking forward to working with you.


We employ more than 150 software developers, hardware developers, electronics specialists, quality service and customer service specialists, metalworks, casting and assembly specialists, employing such standards as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO9001.

Production localization is as high as 95%, allowing us to have full control over the whole process. We can swiftly supply any spare part, unit or junction for our simulators, eliminating delay risks when sourcing from external suppliers.

The main emphasis is with our quality control system and service system, which are provided by a set of proprietary software products such as PDM (Product Data Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relations Management), all developed together Japanese specialists with 20 years of experience in quality.

Research & Development

We have more than 80 specialists in software development alone: robotics, programming, modelling, design, all taken care by dedicated professionals, deeply involved with our hard-working philosophy. This empowers us to create unique solutions and products for you, without cutting any corners.

Leading health professionals take part in all stages of production - from idea to prototype testing and troubleshooting. Catching up to all new tendencies in modern medicine is no easy task!


Human Patient Simulators
  • High fidelity
  • Powerful and intuitive software
  • Highly realistic
Minimally invasive surgery
  • Magnetic haptic feedback
  • Hybrid simulation
  • Team training
  • Rehearsal system