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Detailed automatic recording of all actions during an exercise
Virtual tips, video and textual guidelines
Management of complications caused by trainee’s actions or unforeseen circumstances

Endoscopy instruments

Real adapted gastroscope, colonoscope, bronchoscope

High-precision no-lag instrument tracking system provides accurate, smooth response for all your actions.

Library of Modules

Basic skills in endoscopy
Handling an endoscope in an abstract environment
Handling an endoscope in a realistic environment
Grasper handling skills
Capturing objects skills

Diagnostic gastroscopy
Erosive esophagitis, gastric ulcer
Hernia of esophagus, erosive gastritis, duodenal bulb ulcer
Barrett esophagus, gastric diverticulum, erosive bulbitis
Incompetence of cardia, mass lesion of stomach, hypertrophic duodenitis
Esophageal varices, duodenal polyp, gastratrophia
Esophageal diverticulum, gastrointestinal stromal tumor
Esophageal cancer, duodenal polyp
Erosive gastritis associated with local mucosa hypertrophy
Infiltrative gastric cancer
Exophytic gastric tumor

Operational gastroscopy
Balloon dilation
Hemostasis by clipping
Hemostasis by injection of fluid
Gastric polypectomy
Duodenal polypectomy
Gullet bougienage
Foreign body removal
Mucosal resection
Gastric prepyloric ulcer
Anterior wall of stomach bleeding

Library of Bronchoscopy Modules

Basic skills in endoscopy
Bronchoscope handling in an abstract environment
Bronchoscope handling in a realistic environment
Knowledge of the bronchial tree anatomy
Endoscopic instruments handling skills
Endoscopic instruments handling skills

Diagnostic bronchoscopy
Acute bronchitis
Operative bronchoscopy
Foreign body removals
Pulmonary hemorrhage control
Polypectomy with an endoscopic loop
Bronchoalveolar lavage
Transbronchial needle aspiration
Paratracheal lymph node
Tumor – bifurcated lymph node
(Hodgkin lymphoma) bifurcated lymph node
RUL group 4L

Library of Colonoscopy Modules

Diagnostic colonoscopy
Healthy patient
Sagging transverse colon
Г-loop + quiescent Crohn`s disease
Adenomatous polyp with an ulcer
Nonspecific ulcerative colitisl
Ischemic colitis
Malignant lesion
Internal hemorrhoid and polyp
Peduncular polyp removal
Therapeutic colonoscopy
Removing the polyp on a wide leg
Removing the polyp on the stalk
Elongated stalk polyp removal
Adenomatous polyp with an ulcer
Ulcerative colitis + polyp (cancer)


  1. Training and exam modes
  2. Detailed statistics after each module
  3. High definition 3D graphics
  4. Visual tips and guidelines
  5. Video and text materials
  6. 3D anatomy atlas
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