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Resectoscope for hysteroscopy

We provide instrument imitations for every instrument manufacturer brand out there, available by special order.


Library of Modules

Significant skills
Clinical skills
OUterus distention mastering
0° viewing angle camera uterus inspection
30° viewing angle camera uterus inspection
Endometrial biopsy
Polypectomy using grasper and scissors
Synechia treatment
Diagnostic hysteroscopy
Diagnostic hysteroscopy
Submucosal myomatous nodules removal, complex case
Submucosal myomatous nodules removal
Endometrial resection
Extended resection
Ablation of the endometrium complex case


  1. Training and exam modes
  2. Detailed statistics after each module
  3. High definition 3D graphics
  4. Visual tips and guidelines
  5. Video and text materials
  6. 3D anatomy atlas

Magnetic feedback

Our proprietary magnetic feedback system allows for unprecedented immersion. Furthermore, unlike mechanical feedback systems, it is far more reliable.

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