Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust first in country to trial MedVision's paediatric manikin - Arthur

July 30, 2021
Source: kentonline.co.uk

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust has become the first in the country to trial a new child dummy patient.

Staff at the Dartford hospital are practising their skills on 'Arthur', a MedVision paediatric manikin.

A spokesman said: "Our simulation suite had been trialling this high-fidelity manikin which allows users to experience some of the real features of patients.

Arthur breathes, can talk to you, blinks and pupils dilate when light is shone in them. It can also be attached to a ventilator which allows users to practice anaesthetic emergencies and ITU-based scenarios without additional pieces of simulation equipment.

He has realistic bone structure as well as heart, lung and bowel sounds.

Our sim suite and paediatric areas have certainly been putting Arthur through his paces."

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