Bakulev CPBSS
Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Surgery Simulator
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Bakulev CPBSS

A simulator for practicing the basic technical skills in cardiopulmonary bypass supported heart surgery using the Teacher Cardio software and a set of scenarios.

Turnkey solution for training young healthcare professionals and supporting advanced professional training, CME courses and accreditation

List of equipment

Adult patient head and torso 1 pc
Display 2 pcs
Laptop 1 pc
Тeacher Cardio, Bedside Monitor software
Dry removable module imitating inferior and superior vena cava, aorta, pulmonary artery and vein 1 pc
Anaesthesia screen 1 pc
J-tip wire-reinforced venous cannula for cardiopulmonary bypass 1 pc
J-tip wire-reinforced aortic cannula for cardiopulmonary bypass 1 pc
Catheter for left heart catheterization 1 pc
Head up/down tilt table equipment 1 pc
Surgical drape sheets 4 pcs
Vascular forceps 1 pc
Curved Billroth hemostatic forceps 8 pcs
Angled jaws aorta vascular clamps 1 pc
Towel clamp 8 pcs
Straight surgical clamps for cardiopulmonary bypass machine and cannulae 3 pcs
Purse string suture tourniquet 6 pcs
Vena caval tourniquet 2 pcs
Cardiovascular tourniquet stylet 1 pc
Vascular tape, 20 cm 2 pcs
Dissector to simulate cannulation 1 pc
Cardioplegia cannula (Dufaut needle imitation) 1 pc
Loop tubing 3/8, 100 cm 1 pc
Left ventricular drainage tubing 1/4, 100 cm 1 pc
Сardioplegia tubing 1/8, 100 сm 1 pc
Y connector 3/8-3/8-3/8 1 pc
Leur lock adapter, 3/8-3/8 1 pc
Scalpel No.11 1 pc
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