“MATT is a great looking product, totally wireless, user-friendly interface, and was a nice trainer for a larger group.”

Source: medvisionsim.com

“MATT is a great looking product, totally wireless, user-friendly interface, and was a nice trainer for a larger group.” Daniel Robinson, Simulation Technology Technician at Simulation-Based Education and Research, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

When Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center was looking for an additional auscultation trainer in 2019 for their simulation center, they needed a trainer that fit their budget – and would be effective for training in small or large groups.

“The MATT (MedVision Auscultation Task Trainer) allows for a larger group. The lights allow the instructor to describe in greater detail and the auscultation points and the addition of a speaker system allow the entire group to hear the various sounds before using the BlueScope,” said Robinson whose team researches and demonstrates various trainers for departments in the hospital, along with facilitating the purchase process for what is housed in the Sim Center.

MATT and Pediatric MATT were designed to be the MOST highly effective tool for learning auscultation points and sounds. With a vast library of lung, heart, and bowel sounds, with realistic muscular and skeletal structure – these auscultation task trainers are ready to change the game.

  1. Rich library of sounds in compliance with American Thoracic Society Guidelines. A rich library of sounds with amplified details for trainees to develop their patient assessment skills will allow for both cost and time efficiencies in your training programs, while ensuring the highest standards in learning outcomes.
  2. Light up auscultation points, with anterior and posterior points. Challenge assessment skills from clear clinical findings to detecting faint murmurs. The flexible operating table allows you to activate or deactivate auscultation points and backlighting individually. You can also adjust the volume and intensity of sounds and compare sound recordings.
  3. Intuitive software. MedVision simulator software allows for analyzing sounds in four critical areas: cardiac, lungs (anterior and posterior) and abdominal quadrants. Two different sounds can be compared with the same auscultation area. ECG and Respirator Rate (RR) graphs are also shown.

MATT is currently being used at Dartmouth-Hitchcock by the nursing program roughly four times a year with 12-14 students per class. At various times throughout the year, they are also requested by hospital department educators for small group instruction.

MedVision, a relatively new player in the US simulation market, prides itself on service after the sale.

Robinson said they were pleased with product training and service. “Our sales representative spent a day with me and a group of Nurse Educators that would be using the system. The Tech Support team has been great. At one point we were having Wi-Fi connection issues. We did a video call with Tech Support and had the system up in no time. Tech Support also checked to make sure we had the most recent software updates while we were on the video call.”

When asked if users had been happy with their MATT, Robinson concluded, “Feedback that we have received from educators reflect that the learners find it easier to determine landmarks to associate with the sounds they are looking for on a full-torso and having the LEDs as a tool to keep the entire class involved in the training, makes the training more interesting.”

MATT and Pediatric MATT are available in different skin tones. The Standard Warranty includes on-site installation; one-day training at customer site; remote troubleshooting, one Preventative Maintenance on-site; PM kit included and free software support and updates.

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